Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bit 17 Conference

Bit 17 Conference

This conference was absolutely eye opening to me.  We learned so many different things that could be incorporated into the classroom.  Some of my favourite things were an annotating app called Paper 53 which allows students a different avenue for traditional note taking and through instruction and guided practice students can learn to give meaning to doodles as a form of note taking.

Another great resource I found at the TVO booth was a website that allows a teacher to upload students once they sign up and there are various Math games which also allows for assessment and displays student progress while linking the games to curriculum expectations.  This was a pretty amazing tool and the biggest hiccup to this is teaching little ones how to log in to their individual accounts which takes a bit of time with an SK/1.

Here is the link to the educator login page, it is grade specific and you can also add multiple grades when inputting students individually.  

Another workshop I attended focused on different literacy apps you could use in the classroom.  I thought this would be a good idea as I always tend to gravitate towards Math and Science PD so this was a nice switch and I found many useful apps to use during my literacy block.

Epic Books which was described as the Netflix of books.  An online library to many different books which I love using during centre time.  

This experience was an amazing to be a part of and these are just a few of my favourite things that I found.  I came back excited and eager to try ideas that I found would be useful in my classroom with my students who are so excited to try anything new.  Bit 17 was a great learning experience and was very helpful to someone who is somewhat new to the world of coding.  


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