Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Learning at Bring It Together 17

As part of our TLLP journey, our team recently went to Bring It Together 17, Ontario’s premier educational technology conference. 

One of the highlights was learning about how to develop a STAT (Student Technology Assistance Team) in our school. The premise behind this is that a technology assistance team made up of trained students, can be booked by appointment to assist with technology in classes as needed, both as an assistant for teachers and students. 

The benefits of having a STAT:

  • Support for Students- Enables and supports student responsibility, initiative, and self-regulation.
  • Support for Staff - Providing practical “how to” support
  • The Big Idea behind it is that students and staff will feel more supported, comfortable and confident with technology.
Our Plan:
We are starting our STAT by sending out a survey to address they types of tech. support needed in our classrooms. Then we will combine a team of both trained and interested students. We are planning to have a booth in set up in the school where teachers can go to book an appointment and students can use the in and out drop boxes to ask questions and get answers. We are hoping to make technology more comfortable and accessible for everyone. 

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