Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Keynote Speaker #1 - Matt Miller - Ditch That Textbook

At Connect 2018 Conference listening to keynote speaker, Matt Miller's presentation, Ditch that Textbook.

Textbooks should not be a crutch - educators should not lean on them.  Classrooms today should not be business as usual.  We are in the infancy of the digital revolution.  Almost anything can be done or found online. Information is at our fingertips.  The big push is to help students to utilize the information and use it to solve problems.  Problem solving is the big skill students need to better develop.

Don't just teach a lesson - create an experience for students.  Video calls with classes from other parts of the world can help students broaden their world views.  The 21st Century educator has to be willing to take risks to help students reach their potential.  Spark student's curiosity by creating lessons that are different - take risks. 

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