Thursday, April 26, 2018


Upon arriving to Connect 2018 I was very excited to see all the new and innovative things we
would learn and hear about.  We attended Bit 17 in the fall and it was action packed and filled
with fun and engaging things that we could immediately bring back and use in our classrooms
and with our students.

Obviously like any professional development session, certain things stood out to me more than
others.  Padlet, which is basically an online bulletin board of post it notes where students can
share ideas and information and have access to the ideas of others as well.  The great thing about
Padlet is that students can add not only information but pictures, videos and links to other


Poll Everywhere is something that is not new to me however, it was used as a good diagnostic
assessment in order to gauge where your students are at the beginning of a unit and allow you to
quickly understand where you should be guiding your instruction.  

Sutori was a very neat way to create a visual timeline and interactively you can have your entire
class contribute and create a working timeline that includes pictures, links and videos as well.  I
really liked this idea because the entire class was involved in creating this timeline. For this
presenters purposes he used it to teach lessons from the Holocaust and students were given a
particular person to research and as students learned more information about their particular
survivor, they added information and facts to the digital timeline to create an amazing compilation
from the entire class.

Another neat web based application we found was called Storyboard That which in my opinion
is a way better version of bit strips and allows students to create online storyboards in which they
can manipulate scenes and characters to create just about anything.  I think that students would love
to use this to create so many different things. The nice thing about it, there are also a ton of graphic
organizers available to use for various activities on the classroom, so it extends beyond just using
it for a storyboard.

All in all we had a great and enriching experience where, once again we have many new,
exciting and fun tools to take back, implement in the classroom and share with our

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